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Natural Beauty Care

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Natural skin care and natural hair care is something that more and more people are learning about right now.The reason so many to switch to organic cosmetics is because they are composed of natural ingredients derived from nature with minimum processing. From my long experience as skin care specialist I learned that natural beauty is achieved by using pure natural products with no preservatives or chemicals. The skin, most people don’t realize, is the biggest organ in the body, that absorbs about 60% of the cosmetic products you apply. The skin requires a lot of elements to remain looking youthful today. When you hydrate, and treat it right, you will find that it will allow for a youthful glow. When you use products that aren’t 100% natural on your skin, you’re going to find that it can become irritated, itchy, and cause an abundance of issues.  They are many companies today offering fully natural solutions to the commercial cosmetics we are used to. The only problem is that those products are becoming commercial too and in order to have reasonable shelf life they contain preservative. I found preservative responsible for many skin and health problems, so the best solution is to make your own cosmetics at home. You will see that it is not difficult and is a lot of fun. Here you will find many DIY cosmetics recipes that are been tested and I have prepared them for my client for a long time with quite a success.

A Guide to Natural Beauty

Let’s first discuss why you should go into natural cosmetics. Women today use make up and moisturizers that go directly on the skin. These things get absorbed into the body’s systems. When you smear chemicals all over the skin, all the elements are getting absorbed into the dermis and can go deep into the body. When this becomes the norm, issues with health can arise. In some cases, these elements can be carcinogenic.  Chemical compounds that are promoted as “skin care”, may cause you a lot of issues in long time, and it’s something that millions of women deal with on a regular basis. Even the cosmetics that looks natural and have tested ingredients registered as safe can cause some problems when used for years. To reveal your skin and hair natural beauty the DIY natural cosmetics are the way to go. The right selection and combination of natural ingredients is the key healthy skin and hair for long time.

What Is Inside Natural Options?

In natural solutions, you are going to find that the botanical blends, extracts, and ingredients are 100% benefitial and are not at all complex. These are simple to use. Using them will ensure that the body doesn’t absorb something that is problematic. Instead of causing havoc to the dermis, you’ll find that things become important. Improving skin conditions, and allowing for elasticity, you’ll find that natural is the way to go.  If you were to read the ingredient list of a commercial products, you would find that they would not be something grand, and you would find them to be very difficult to understand. Natural beauty products are easier to apply, work better overall, and have natural ingredients that you can absolutely pronounce and enjoy. Doing your own skin care products will ensure that they are free from preservatives and chemicals.

Improvements Continue

In the past, some of the most natural solutions didn’t compare to the commercial options. We were using mainly simple combinations and often we didn't have access to all the range of natural, unrefined ingredients as we do today. However, technology and science has advanced greatly and we obtain products from nature in a safe way with the least processing to preserve all beneficial components. Today we learned to combine those botanical ingredients in our natural beauty products to match up (and exceed) even the most well-reviewed commercial offerings that you may see on the market. Compared side by side, you’ll see that the natural solutions will be better, and prove to be a lot easier to manage. If you’re skeptical, just test things out once, and see how homemade cosmetics derived from natural products are now far better. making your won natural beauty products at home is also a lot of fun and an excellent hobby.



The Reasons You Should Be Using Natural Cosmetic Ingredients 

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When you discuss food and health, you’ll often find experts tell you to eat organic, natural foods. However, when you discuss this in regards to hair or skin care, many don’t realize how important it is to have other elements in mind. If you’re going to work with health and beauty, cosmetics should be something that you should also put on your list of things to work with. There’s a lot of reasons why natural beauty products, for instance, should be paramount. If you don’t work with this, you could end up causing a lot of damage to your body. Remember, the skin is the largest organ of the body, and if you treat it right, it will pay back dividends. There are several reasons why you should be using natural ingredients in your cosmetics, and it all starts with health.

Safety and Health

First and foremost, you will find that this opportunity is going to allow for better health and wellness. Not only will you be applying hypo-allergenic items to the skin itself, but you’ll have much more vitamins and minerals soaking into the dermal tissue. That will help with reducing the signs of aging, promoting skin elasticity, and much more. Healthy skin glows, and it can definitely happen when you utilize organic natural elements for your skincare. Nothing has better anti-aging properties than the natural ingredients obtained by the nature with minimum disturbance.


If you are concerned about money, don’t worry about natural cosmetics ingredients. In the beginning it may look like a cost when you are buying the bulk ingredients for the first time, but once you get the main components it will be cheaper than buying ready available products and much healthier. Meaning, you won’t be spending a ton of money when you work with organic solutions. Natural cosmetics can be sourced and utilized at a fraction of what you may pay for with name brand options. If you end up going the DIY cosmetics route, you will see that you can save money, use only inexpensive materials, and get the same beauty elements that you would expect from items that are higher priced overall.

Protecting Animals

A lot of pharmaceutical companies today use animal testing for cosmetics and more. By making DIY cosmetics and focusing on natural ingredients, you will protect animals. You can ensure that animals are not involved with the testing and use of cosmetic products. For me this is a very important aspect to think about!

The Side Effect Issue

Here’s one of the most amazing things about natural beauty products, you won’t have to worry about side effects. Not only that, you will find that natural cosmetics are good for nearly every type of hair or skin. Whether you have a dark complexion, or you are lighter skinned, you can find that there are no side effects, and compatibility is nearly 100%. You will find that in some instances, problems with skin irritation, and more can be reversed in a natural manner, rather than going with pharmaceutical items.

At the end of the day, you could help the environment by creating less waste, and you could even look into sourcing ingredients that are renewable, homegrown, and more. Natural ingredients help the body as much as they help the environment and beyond. Just testing this methodology once will prove to you that this is a viable, and amazing thing to pursue. Organic, natural ingredients make for amazing cosmetics, it’s just a matter of working with them.


 Demystifying Making Your Own Cosmetics

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There is something to the greatness of making your own natural beauty products. People that have gone through the process of actually building the ingredients and pursuing this methodology have found greatness ensues. This is not just all hype; there’s a genuine amazement that comes over someone that has found a way to combine ingredients to allow for a great overall look and feel. If you want cosmetics that are going to be natural, and promote a vibrant element, you’ll find it through the use of natural ingredients. Even though this has become easier than ever before to do, many still want to know a few things about the process. With that in mind, the following can shine a light on the common questions asked in relationship to these things.

The Difficulty Level

First and foremost, people want to know if this is a hard thing to do. The easy answer is simple, no. It’s not a complex thing, and you don’t need to have a master’s degree in chemistry to start working through this. If you’re serious about getting through the right elements, you’ll want to look at cosmetics in a new light, as this is easy. There are some huge advantages to this as well. You’re going to find that the ingredients are easy to source, can provide effective coverage, and can even help you live a much more “natural” lifestyle.

What Is The Cost of Making Your Own Cosmetics

The one thing that holds a lot of people back from making natural cosmetics is simple, the cost. The notion of expensive equipment and having to purchase expensive ingredients is hard to really answer for some. The truth of the matter, however, is that you’ll find that this whole process is not expensive at all. You may have to buy a few things that can cost a bit, but you don’t have to convert your home into a huge production lab. It will look expensive in the beginning when you will have to buy your first batch of  bulk ingredients but once you start making your own cosmetics you will realize that the materials you buy are enough for quite long time. About the equipment; well I am sure that you already have it in your home as what you are going to need are regular kitchen utensils. You’ll be surprised by how inexpensive it all is after you start to get used to mixing ingredients. Plus, the shelf life of my recipes can be quite more than you may realize even without using preservatives. At the end your natural organic cosmetics will be cheaper than the average products you are used to buy. at the end of some of my recipes I have add an estimated cost per finished product.

Natural and Non-Toxic

One of the biggest concerns that people have is in regards to the toxicity of makeup and cosmetics in general. With the right natural ingredients and recipes, this is not a worry. Organic, natural beauty products do not have toxicity levels that are like the chemicals found in lipstick and other options. You’ll find that you can easily process many of the ingredients, and in some instances taste them. The goal here is to give you a better quality option for health, wellness, and beauty. You’re going to find that it’s not only easy to work with natural product ingredients, but you’ll also be able to avoid irritation and more. Natural is the way to go for price and reduction of irritation on the skin. You have to follow a strict byline when using recipes, but other than that, you’re going to find that things are made far easier when you go this route versus trying to buy pharmaceutical grade cosmetics.


Natural Cosmetics Main Ingredients

coconutMaking cosmetics is relatively easy and fun. There are  a lot of natural ingredients that you can use to make your own cosmetics. There are many advantages to this, and it goes beyond just financial. Sure, you could save money making cosmetics at home, but the health advantages are definitely worth exploring on a lot of levels. If you have ever wanted to start working on preparing natural cosmetics, you will need to know what some of the main ingredients are that you should utilize. With the following ingredients, you may be able to start going through the motions to get the right mix for your overall needs.

Ntural Butter (Various Kinds)

Here’s the first thing that you should understand, butter is not always just about consumption. It’s also not all the same. Natural cosmetics are fascinating in that they use a great deal of butters that you can work with. For instance, you could use vegetable, coconut, and even cocoa for skin care. These are all a matter of creating smooth, moisturizing elements. You’ll find that these can help with providing antioxidants, and reversing inflammation across the dermal layers.

Natural Oils (Various Kinds)

There are a lot of oils that come into play when you’re working with cosmetics. One of the most important ones that you can focus on is vegetable oils. These include palm, sunflower, and beyond. When you focus on this, you’ll find that the natural elements go deep into the skin to revitalize things and to create elasticity with a lot of the options that you have in place. Natural oils compound existing body oils and help alleviate a number of issues. These are different than essential oils, which are used for medication, scent, and much more.

Natural Clays and Salts

These are two options that you’re going to want to look at for creams, soap, and even lotions. Cosmetic salts can help with bringing out nutritional elements in the skin, and clays can help remove debris and dirt in the pores. Both solutions work on several levels in regards to exfoliation and more. It helps stimulate the skin tissue, reduces the signs of aging, and moisturizes a great deal better than you may realize.

Natural Waxes (Emulsifiers)

Waxes are engaging in regards to how they work with cosmetics. These can help you with emulsifying fatty acids, moisturizing elements and more. You’ll find that these are within balms, esters, and oils. This is what makes certain ingredients bind together, such as oils, and butters. This will give you a more consistent moisturizer, and enriched solution.

One thing that you need to know about all of this is simple, get them in bulk. If you’re going to make your own natural cosmetics, you’ll need to have ingredients readily available. Bulk ingredients drive down the price of your natural beauty products and give you more output on the other side. Having a good amount on hand will allow you to make larger batches of homemade cosmetic production.

Natural cosmetics require you to have several ingredients on hand in order to ensure that things get bound, and easily distributed across the skin.

In my posts and recipes I will recommend you the best natural ingredients that I use in may daily practice as esthetician.


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